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The Mute Audio pupDAC

RMAA Testing

Note:'s testing environment is noisier than most. Please do not accept these results as the best that the PupDAC can do. Rather, use them as comparisons among the different DACs under the same testing conditions

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RightMark Audio Analyzer test

Testing chain: External loopback (line-out - line-in)
Sampling mode: 16-bit, 48 kHz


Frequency response (from 40 Hz to 15 kHz), dB: +0.04, -0.90+0.11, -0.14+0.07, -0.09
Noise level, dB (A): -78.9-83.2-89.2
Dynamic range, dB (A): 80.684.290.3
THD, %: 0.0110.00560.0033
IMD + Noise, %: 0.0240.0160.0088
Stereo crosstalk, dB: -83.7-84.8-94.3

Frequency response

Spectrum graph

Noise level

Spectrum graph

Dynamic range

Spectrum graph

THD + Noise (at -3 dB FS)

Spectrum graph

Intermodulation distortion

Spectrum graph

Stereo crosstalk

Spectrum graph

This report was generated by RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.0

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