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The Mute Audio pupDAC

Checks and Setup

The number one thing you should do - before plugging the pupDAC into an amplifier - is to check the output offset. This is the level of DC voltage that exists at the output jacks, relative to the input voltage. The way to check for this is to measure the voltage, using a DMM, with one probe at the pad labeled "GND" and the other probe placed into the barrel of either the Left or Right output RCA jack.

Typically, you should read 2mV or less voltage with the probes in the GND pad and one in the barrel of the Red or White RCA jacks.

Once you've determined that the offset is OK, then you can check the following (pretty simple, really):
  1. Does the PCB recognize the DAC? (in my Windows 7 PC, it shows up as "USB Audio DAC")
  2. If it recognizes the DAC, does it play music through a media player program?
If either of the above is NO, then the first step is to check the voltages at all of the test pads provided by cobaltmute's pupDAC design:
If testing the voltages is not informative as to the problem, then contact us from the Contacts page or post your question/problem in the pupDAC Head-Fi thread. Someone will attempt to help you in short order.
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