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The TooleAudio BantamDAC

What's a Bantam?

bantam (adjective):
1. small or miniature
2. spirited or aggressive

Some of you may know the BantamDAC by it's thread on Head-Fi.org, "Comments for my PCM2702 DAC." That's how cetoole referred to the BantamDAC before we came up with a name. Later, we started calling it the MiniDAC, but Head-Fi user "error401" had started his/her own excellent design for a DAC using the AD1955 DAC chip and used that name -
MiniDAC - AD1955 DAC with active I/V
The BantamDAC team encourages you to check out error401's thread if you are interested.

Cetoole and I began discussing possible names. I won't relate to you all the ones I mentioned to him, but Bantam was what we agreed upon. Depending on where you look it up, "Bantam" meant one of three things:

1. Bantam Chicken - The true of origin of the word "Bantam" has it origins in Bantam chickens - whose lineage (or similarites) trace back to the city of Bantam, once a major seaport in Indonesia. Sailors found the chickens in SE Asia useful as food stock in oceangoing voyages, probably because of their small size.

Later on, the Bantam Rooster became famous in the UK and US for its aggressive, puffed up display in spite of its small size.

2. Bantamweight Boxing - The Bantamweight Boxing division was first created by the Amateur Boxing Association of England in 1889. The US adopted the weight division in 1920 under the New York State Athletic Commission and the NBA (National Boxing Association). Contrast that with the Flyweight Division that was first created in 1909 and first recognized in the US in 1927. In other words, the Bantamweight Division was the first and smallest of the "traditional" eight boxing divisions created.

2. Bantam Automobile- Manufactured by the American Austin Car Company, the Bantam automobile was a popular miniature roadster made from 1929 to 1934. After its demise in 1934, it was resurrected under the name of American Bantam. The 1938 Bantam Roadster is more well known, perhaps, as Donald Duck's car. The American Bantam company had a prominent role in the development of the Jeep, but stopped producing cars in 1941. America was not ready for a compact car until Volkswagen became a hit in the 60's.

A Bantam Rooster

Johnny Coulon,
An early American World Bantamweight Champ (he was 5 feet tall)

The 1938 Bantam Roadster

What makes the American Bantam car most important to the Bantam DAC is the logo. Rather than use the rooster icon of American Austin, the American Bantam logo seemed to exude the right atmosphere for the BantamDAC. As you can see, the BantamDAC logo was modeled almost identically from the American Bantam logo of long ago.

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