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differential hybrid parafeed headphone amplifier

Construction Sequence Outline

Install parts in the following order:

 1. Snubber caps for BR2 (1206 SMD on bottom of PCB)
 2. Diodes - D1, D2
 3. Resistors - R4-R10, R27-R30, R11-R16, R17, R18 (V-D resistors)
 4. Resistors - R0, R1, R2
 5. Resistors - R3, R19-R22, R23-R26
 6. Diodes - D3, D4, D5
 7. A-B-C-D Power Transformer jumpers
 8. LED
 9. TO-92 transistors - Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9, IC1, IC2
10. C4
11. TR, TL - Tube sockets
12. SW1 - Impedance switch
13. J1 - Headphone jack
14. BR1, BR2
15. C5
16. C3
17. Alps pot
18. Wiring - Alps pot ground wire
19. J2 - RCA jacks
20. * OTs (Edcor)
21. C6, C7, C8, C9, C10
22. * OTs (Cinemag)
23. Heat sinks w/transistors - VR1, Q1, Q2 & Q3, Q4 & Q5
24. C1, C2
25. Edcor PT
28. J3 - IEC plus back plate (bolt-on before solder, also screw in the RCA jacks)
29. Wiring - safety ground
30. Clean PCB bottom of all flux
31. Mount standoffs (2) onto bottom of PCB
32. Scrape case bottom inside anodizing around safet ground hole
33. Install PCB into case bottom - screw in bottom screws (2) of back plate, then screw in standoff screws on case bottom.
34. Mount front plate onto headphone jack, pot, and impedance switch - loosely thread nuts onto headphone jack (no spacers) and pot shaft. Screw in bottom screws (2) of front plate, tighten headphone jack and pot nuts.
35. Carefully line up case top with tubes, lock into position inside of both end plates and lined up with slot lips. Screw in top screws (4) of both end plates. 36. Trim pot shaft - use small plastic bag (kitchen garbage bag or similar). Poke a small hole offset from the center at the bottom of the bag. Insert assembled amplifier into garbage bag - front toward bottom of bag so that pot shaft sticks through hole you just poked. Close and twist-tie bag at back of amp. Tape around pot shaft where it penetrates bag. Use a Dremel Moto-Tool (or similar) to trim approximately 3/16" off of front of shaft. 37. Remove bag, being careful to not let aluminum dust get inside of amp. Clean, blow out amp as necessary to remove metal dust. 38. Install pot shaft. Use a credit card, card stock, or similar to use as spacer between back of volume knob and front plate. Tighten set screw. 39. Remove top plate and install tubes. Re-install top plate. 40. See Setup page from Menu at left. Proceed with powering up the amp.


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