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The Mute Audio SkeletonDAC

SkeletonDAC Step-by-Step - Part 2

6. Apply solder to the SMD pads -
Same as the top side ... If you're right-handed, place the solder on the right side pad. This allows you to re-melt the solder with the iron in your right hand, while positioning the part with tweezers in your left. For vertically-oriented parts, pick the top pad and rotate the PCB 90 degrees clockwise to solder the part.
7. Solder the 805-series SMD capacitors and resistors -
Solder the smallest parts first. Use the technique of melting the solder you applied in Step 6 while pushing the part onto the pad with your tweezers. Remove the iron, and let the solder cool while still holding the part with the tweezers.

8. Solder the remaining 1206-series part -
The last SMD part left - R6 - will complete the SMD portion of the SkeletonDAC. We recommend that you immerse the PCB at this point in some 90% or better alcohol for cleaning.

Examples of this can be seen in the photo-build threads for the BantamDAC or GrubDAC. Everything on the SkeletonDAC is similar.

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