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The Starving Student Millett Hybrid PCB

SSMH Setup

There is no setup with the Starving Student Millett Hybrid. Simply connect the power, a music input source, and flip the switch. The amp should be ready to listen to in about 30 seconds.

There are some precautions you should take while enjoying your SSMH:
1. Wait until the tubes are glowing (the orange cathode, not the tube LED's!) before connecting your headphones.
2. Disconnect your headphones prior to turning your SSMH off.

The SSMH output is referenced at 19VDC. The output coupling capacitors prevent this DC from reaching the headphones, but there is a delay when turning on the amp before the caps fully charge. For similar reasons, you may experience a turn-off thump as well. So, #1 and #2 above are prudent precautions.

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