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The Millett MiniMAX - Output Stage

BJT Transistors Diamond Buffer

NOTE - summary differences from a MOSFET stage: (MOSFETs are an option but not recommended except with taller heat sinks and a case other than the Lansing custom)

  • RB12L/R trimmers are 2K ohm
  • QB1L/R JFETs are PN4392
  • RB4L/R, RB5L/R are 100 ohm
  • RB8L/R, RB9L/R are jumpered out
  • Heat sinks should be 1" tall
  • Recommendations for the BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor) output transistors can be found in the Bill of Materials

    Also, please refer to user Steinchen's revMH Diamond Buffer web site for reviews on the sound characteristics of the different BJT output transistors. Most of the recommendations for the BJT output transistors found on are due to his excellent work and reviews on the original Diamond Buffer boards for the revMH Millett Hybrid. Construct a MiniMAX according to the instructions and recommendations on our MiniMAX website, and you should find results that agree with Steinchen's reviews.

    The BJT Diamond Buffer version of the Millett is a proven and fully-vetted design, long before the design of the MAX (as referenced above). The BJT Diamond Buffer is the recommended choice for the MiniMAX output stage.
    Manufacturer specification sheets for most of the recommended output transistor complementary pairs are here:
    MJE243/MJE253 2SC3422/2SA1359 2SC2238/2SA968
    2SC3421/2SA1358 2SC5171/2SA1930 2SC2344/2SA1011
    Data sheets for the complementary small transistor pairs and the input JFET:
    2N5087/2N5088 PN4392  

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